What are Essential WeChat Marketing Tips for Your Business?

WeChat is essential for your marketing strategy to attract customers in China. It is an effective platform to build your brand if you are looking to succeed in China.

Here are a few essential tips to get the most out of WeChat marketing (-adstochina.westwin.com/WeChat-Marketing) for your business.

Quality Content For WeChat Marketing

One of the essential requirements for WeChat marketing is quality content. If you want your brand awareness through WeChat, invest a handsome amount of money to create compelling content.

According to the e-market, 58% of the customers in China love the Moment feature, especially for browsing and posting. 53% of the customers share information through We share such images, messages, and videos, and 40% of the customers follow public accounts using WeChat.

Through verified and diversified content, you can reach to your targeted audiences and increase your sale.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Customer Loyalty programs are proven methods to attract more potential followers. Customers like to buy from the brands for whom they are enthusiastic, which is a prime market for your brand’s new product.

89% of the customers in China support loyalty programs and increase their spending through it. Loyalty programs help retain customers and improve your brand’s credibility. WeChat marketing strategy offers this loyalty program to capture the attention of your targeted audience.

QR Code Marketing

QR code is popular in China, and you must have to target the Chinese audience. It is an important marketing strategy to engage with your customers and drive online to offline sales. You may also offer discounts or contest rewards through QR code and retain potential customers.

WeChat automatically creates a QR code in your official account along with the built-in scanner. It can be used for marketing, advertising, or even customer engagement on social media or physical stores.

Mini Program Application

WeChat Mini Program Application is a sub-application with WeChat. 87% of the customers spend more than the US $30 a month through the Mini program. It helps your brand’s official account by promoting through social media. The customers can directly share a product with their friends without scrolling through the official page.

Mini programs help connect WeChat to customers in a more practical way. Although Mini programs still have some operational restrictions, they are still beneficial for your brand. Its standardized structure allows your brand to focus to focus on providing exclusive service with faster sales promotion.

Creative Campaigns

Creative Campaigns are great and effective ways to develop a deeper connection with your customers. You can launch these campaigns in a more personalized way, using stories to voting. Through a Chinese loyalty program, you can ask your WeChat customers to enter their mobile numbers for a chance to win one of your brand’s products.

Creative Campaigns with incentives is always the right way to attract more followers to your WeChat account. It helps to reach specific audiences effectively and has the potential to covert the participants into direct sales. The more involved you are with your customers, the easier it is to become loyal towards your brand.

Awareness Through Branded Game

You can create a game called Olypig to celebrate the opening of your new brand stone in China. It allows gamers to play three-mini games within the game to rank on the leaderboard via WeChat. It is a fun WeChat marketing strategy to promote your products and services.

WeChat Influencer

Another best way to introduce your brand to your new audiences in China through an influencer, aka “key opinion leader.” Local customers trust on influencers and as content creators, they often dialed-in to what works with their followers.

Wrapping Up

WeChat is a popular and highly regulated platform that provides excellent opportunities for your brand. Following these tips helps enormously to understand effective marketing strategy in China. It is becoming increasingly essential to choose this marketing program for your brand right away, especially with the increase in market competition. Utilizing these different WeChat marketing approaches is a powerful tool for your business and help to build brand awareness among your targeted audience.

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