Weibo Marketing Guide: Everything You Need to Know

The vast, upwardly mobile Chinese market is immensely attractive to foreign companies, but establishing your business in China can be tricky. Unless you are a known global brand, your first step must be acquainting the domestic audience with your products or services. In this regard, Chinese social media marketing platforms like Weibo are invaluable for business promotion.

Getting Started with Weibo

As one of the leading microblogging social media sites in China, Weibo has over a million users and gets over a billion daily views. It will, thus, help you to reach a wide and varied audience.

To get started with Weibo, you will need to register with the company and first set up a personal account. You can then email Weibo’s VIP customer support at to get your Weibo account verified. For this, you will need to submit an application letter and your company registration papers along with a verified translated copy in Chinese. You will also have to pay the requisite verification fee.

Weibo Advertising

To advertise on Weibo, you can do the following:

Create display banner advertisements of various dimensions that will direct mobile and web viewers to your website to learn more about your products or services.

Refer to current search trends to select keywords and phrases that will promote your website on the Weibo search engine. Your website ranking in the search results depends on the effectiveness of your keywords and phrases.

Use Fan Headlines to promote your Weibo posts and account, so that they appear within 24 hours in the feed of your target audience.

Promote your Weibo posts and accounts as well as your business apps to your target audience with Fan Tunnel.

The Marketing Advantages of Weibo

It Increases Your Brand Awareness

If you want Chinese people to buy your products or services, you will need to persuade them of their benefits. You can do so by posting information about your products and services on Weibo. Use attractive photographs and engaging content in your advertising campaigns and try to appeal to the viewer’s sentiments. If people find your Weibo marketing ( interesting and see your posts regularly, they will start recognizing your brand. Brand awareness is an essential step for effective marketing.

It Helps You with Customer Targeting

To boost your marketing efforts, you need to target the right customers. With Weibo marketing, you can identify your target audience and analyze their behavioral patterns and buying habits. You can then use this data to come up with cost-effective marketing campaigns that are more likely to attract your target audience and get you the desired sales results.

It Increases Your Market Reach and Market Sales

Given that two out of three Chinese people are on Weibo, this social media platform gives you access to a vast potential audience. As more people become aware of your products or services, the more likely they are to transform into customers or clients. Weibo is, thus, useful for expanding your marketing reach and sales potential.

It Can Foster Brand Loyalty

Regular sales are essential for your business to succeed, and developing brand loyalty is a must for this. You want people to choose your brand over other similar products or services. Daily postings and interactions on Weibo will familiarize people with your brand and increase your follower base. These people are then likely to support your business by buying your products or services and by informing other people about them.

Tips to Maximize Your Marketing on Weibo

Improve the visual branding for your Weibo profile and posts to attract potential customers or clients, and increase your Weibo engagement by writing strong, memorable advertising copy.

Research your target audience by age, gender, likes, dislikes, and buying habits, and tailor your advertising campaigns according to that data.

Adopt a professional tone when you interact with customers or clients and respond quickly to their queries about your products or services.

Use the CPM and CPE pricing models on Weibo Fan Connect.

Make use of daily analytics to understand how your advertising campaigns are working and what you can do to increase engagement.

With Weibo marketing, your business finds a strong footing in one of the biggest economies in the world.

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