Questions to Ask Your Advertising Agency

Making Your Way in the Modern Market

The world of sales and service has been changing as fast as the technology and accessibility that helps communicate companies to consumers. Thanks to accessibility through technology, the days where a handful of privileged companies corner a market are gone, along with their antiquated business models and techniques of advertising agencies Los Angeles. This has proven to be of great advantage to upstarts, who can now set up shop and enter a market for a fraction of the time and effort that it used to before smartphones and voice marketing.

Of course, the flipside is that now anybody who wants to start a company can take advantage of the same benefits (and they usually do), so though opportunity may be abundant, so is competition. Now, the challenge lies in making your product stand out above the crowd rather than in trying to squeeze into an exclusive market. This is why it is important to establish a brand: a way of making a clear identity that distinguishes your product from others, your service from others, and your quality of delivery from others. And like the market for start-ups, the market for brands is also highly competitive. Advertising on traditional media outlets like radio and television don’t cut it anymore. You have to get creative, and sometimes a little risky, to create and cultivate an effective brand, and you are best advised not to do it alone. This legwork is best left to an advertising agency.

How does Advertising Agency work?

Simply put, an advertising agency in Los Angeles is a company for hire whose purpose is to get the word of your brand out into the market as much as possible and to maximize consumer exposure. They do this by keeping a keen eye on marketing trends (and trying to be as “ahead of the curve” as possible), creating eye-catching ad campaigns, designing logos and slogans, and catering to as many media platforms as possible.

An effective advertising agency in Los Angeles will establish a plan and work with your company to increase sales and return on investment. The best advertising agencies will be transparent with their clients, involving them in the process all the way. However, it is also important to remember that the market for advertising agencies is also abundant. So how can you get the best out of the agency you hire for your business? By asking four key questions:

1) What Do You Do?

This seems to be a pretty straightforward question, but it leaves much to unpack. In today’s marketplace, advertising is a complex and strenuous process, and you will want to know what you’re paying for and who you’re dealing with. Ask them about how their advertising campaigns work, how they target consumers, and the steps they will take to establish your brand. Ask them how long they have been established, and how they have changed over the years to keep up with trends. Ask them how they track performance indicators and how they will keep you abreast of their efforts month-to-month. Most importantly, ask the best advertising agencies in Los Angeles how their tools and methods make them unique.

2) What are Your Company’s Values?

This takes your queries from the general to the specific. Since you’ve established what an advertising agency in Los Angeles does, make sure you inquire about what makes them different.

3) What Timeline Can I Expect for Results?

You will obviously want to get the ball rolling as quickly as possible, but understand that brand-building is not something that can happen overnight. A good advertising agency in Los Angeles will take your needs and expectations and work them into a planned timeline. You will want to know how often the agency’s team and executives will be in touch with you. You will want to know how they plot their results, and how they will keep you up to date with developments. Ask what will be involved in the first 90 days of a project.

4) What Will Be My Costs and ROI?

The goal of any business serious about success is to capitalize, and to that end, hiring advertising agencies in Los Angeles should be a sound investment. Wanting to know what your return on investment (ROI) gains will be should be a pretext to hiring the agency. Ask what the average turnaround is for their current clients. Ensure you know what their fees and expenses will be before hiring them.


Hot markets demand the best advertising agencies in Los Angeles, typically in the most populated cities. The best advertising agencies in Los Angeles, or San Francisco, or New York, or Seattle – to cite examples – should have the keenest approaches for aggressive markets. Ensure your place among them by hiring a quality ad agency and asking the right questions.

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