Features to Expect from a Search Engine Marketing Company

When it comes to positioning your brand in the Chinese market, you will do well to work with a China SEM agency. Even if you are fluent in the local language, there are definite advantages to hiring a search engine marketing company to assist you with your marketing goals. They will be more attuned to ground realities and trends, and will make sure that your advertising campaigns can meet current market demands.

Here are some of the features you can expect from a China SEM agency:

Strategic Consulting

A China SEM agency will advise you on the cultural and legal aspects of expanding your business in China. They will work with you to develop a well-planned and effective marketing strategy to promote your brand in the country. That includes conducting in-depth research of the Chinese market in your business niche and understanding what Chinese consumers want. It also involves planning a brand localization strategy, highlighting consumer behavior patterns, identifying the right marketing opportunities, and coming up with marketing solutions that will produce the desired results.

Search Engine Marketing

By helping you to set up PPC accounts on Baidu, Sogou, 360, and other Chinese search engines and by handling SEM services like PPC and SEO, the China SEM agency will help you to establish and build your online brand visibility. If you already have a PPC account, they will audit it for you. 

They will research your consumers and competitors, select high-ranking keywords for PPC and SEO, and set up and adjust bids. They will write, test, and optimize advertisement copy, and make sure that the title, keywords, and description meet search engine optimization standards. Additionally, they will create customized advertisements with integrated text, images, videos, and social links, and monitor and track campaign performances. After analyzing these, they will put together reports to recommend improvements.

Social Media Marketing

Having an active presence on social media platforms like WeChat and Weibo is essential for reaching out to and interacting with your target audience. The China SEM agency will not only set up officially verified business accounts for you on these platforms, but they will also assist you with customizing these with your brand imagery and in developing a social media content plan.

They will work with you to create an attention-grabbing marketing copy and broadcast creative advertising campaigns for brand promotion. They will research, reach out to, and engage with your target audience on social media and build a loyal following to drive traffic and increase sales.

Marketing Performance Analysis

It is not enough to devise and implement marketing campaigns. You also need to find out how the target audience is reacting to them and if they are resulting in more sales for your brand. To do this, the China SEM agency will track your website traffic and monitor the views, conversions, and bounce rates. They will analyze the collected performance data and offer you recommendations on improving your advertising campaigns. The agency can conduct social media audits as well and let you know what you can do to get better results.

Display Advertising

Display advertising involves full-screen advertisements, in-feed advertisements, banner advertisements, and video advertising. The China SEM agency will help you to create and launch these advertisements on different online platforms. They can increase your brand visibility, drive traffic to your website, and lead to more conversions.

Web Localization

Web localization is another essential feature that you can expect from a China SEM agency. As their competent and experienced marketing professionals are native Chinese speakers, they have a solid understanding of the cultural and social aspects, nuances, and trends that drive the market. They can harness this information to create well-written and well-edited Chinese language content that will appeal to local consumers and make them aware of your brand.

As you see, collaborating with a China SEM agency will be useful in making your brand a household name in China. The more people become aware of your products and services, the more they will be inclined to try them out. And if they find them to be as useful and appealing as your advertisements claim, they may even become loyal customers and help promote your brand with word-of-mouth advertising.

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