Five Onsite SEO Tips to Avoid Google Penalties

Every business wants its website to appear on the top of SERPs. However, some businesses choose the wrong SEO or black hat methods to reach the top by violating Google Webmaster guidelines. This could result in Google penalties that might reduce rankings or your website may even be removed completely from the indexed database. Here are five onsite SEO tips followed by experts specialize in Frisco SEO services to avoid Google penalties.

1. Remove Bad Links

Links play an important role in increasing your website ranking and also to improve user experience. Good links are not only relevant to the topic but they provide additional information about the subject that leads to better user experience.

Many websites use spammy links to mislead the indexing bots and improve their search engine ranking. Google uses advanced algorithms to find out low-quality domains. If your website violates Google Webmaster guidelines about linking, your website might be removed from the indexed database.

2. No Cloaking

Cloaking refers to a black-hat SEO technique where the content presented to the search engine spiders is different from what is loaded in the user’s browser. In Cloaking the content delivery is based on IP addresses or User-Agent HTTP header of the user requesting the page. It is done by making changes to a file called .htaccess. Some of the cloaking examples are-

· Serving an HTML to the search engine spiders and showing users images or flash video.

· Inserting text or keywords only in the page when the search engine is requesting a page for indexing.

Cloaking is a bad SEO practice and you should stay away from such SEO techniques to avoid Google penalties.

3. Don’t Create Doorway Pages

Doorway pages refer to creating low-quality pages optimized to rank well for certain keywords. Characteristically these pages offer very less value to the users and hence they are against Google Webmaster guidelines.
Google tracks down doorway pages and penalizes sites that employ such SEO techniques. According to Google, doorway pages impact on-site browsing and prevent users from accessing the information they seek.

If your website has doorway pages, remove them or revise them to offer value to visitors. If Google tracks down doorway pages on your website, your website ranking may drop significantly or worse Google may remove your website from its indexed database.

4. Don’t Abuse Anchor Text

Anchor text refers to visible clickable text that appears as a hyperlink on the page.

Having relevant anchor text is valued in terms of SEO and works well to improve search engine rankings. Here are a few deadly mistakes you should avoid when using anchor text:

· Avoid Using One Type of Anchor Text Only

There are around 8 types of anchor texts that can be modified into more sub-types to suit your SEO needs. Most businesses use branded anchor text to build a link profile which increases the risk of getting penalized. Instead, use a variety of anchor text to stay on the good side of SEO.

· Avoid Keyword Stuffing in Anchor Text

Anchor text sends signals to Google what the link is about. Using keywords in Anchor text is a good idea but you should not overdo it. You should use keywords in Anchor text sparingly and only when they are needed.

5. Don’t Use Duplicate Content

Content is the most important element in SEO and Google takes the quality of content seriously. Some businesses are too lazy to create their own content and copy content from other sites from their business niche.

Google is strict about poor or spun content and penalizes websites that use duplicate content. The search engine would not index pages with duplicate content and your website will not be listed in the SERPs for target keywords. This includes posting content present on your website as guest posts on other blogs.

It is recommended that you take advice from experts specialize in Frisco SEO services, to keep your website away from Google penalties, and follow on-site SEO tips given above.

Do you know any other onsite SEO tips to keep Google penalties at bay? Please feel free to comment.

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