When You Should Change Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

This post discusses the need for a change in digital marketing strategy and the points to remember while doing so.

If you are on the internet, and you’re trying to sell something or even trying to gain traction; the only thing you should have in your mind is Digital Marketing. Especially when it comes to digital marketing in China.

It is not a secret. Everyone has been using it. Google even has a different division to tackle flaws and frauds people can or have made by misusing its algorithms. With digital marketing, it is just one thing- the more organically you grow, the more famous you will be.

There was a time when Google used to track keywords. Whenever you searched something on the internet, Google used to find that search term in the content of different websites. The more keywords a content had, the better were its chance of being displayed to the user.

People noticed this and started stuffing their content with keywords unnecessarily. Now, even if the content was not even remotely related to the search term, it was displayed in the search just because of keyword stuffing.

Google noticed this and changed the algorithm. It monitored which content was fake, and which one was real, which one was genuine, and which one was just Faux pas.

Now, people following the older marketing strategy were ruined, they did not have the skills to meet this new algorithm. In the same way, Google changes its algorithm all the time, and to keep up with it, you need to first recognize you have to change.

Another layer is added to your marketing lesson when it comes to digital marketing in places where the rules of the internet are different. It’s altogether a different playground. China. If you’re marketing yourself in China, you need a separate plan because:

1) The Chinese use a different search engine that has different features.

2) The Chinese use different social media and advertising on it is totally different.

How do you know you need to change your marketing strategy?

1)  Incomplete Objectives: China digital marketing is not easy but it is not impossible too. Results can be late, but they cannot be zero. If you are continuously lacking in good performance maybe it’s not the fault of your team members rather it can be the fault of your marketing strategy.

2)  Expenses: If you are leaning towards a financial failure and loss, maybe it is time to rethink. Most of the companies carry out budget cuts and fire employees when they should cutting down expenses on tools and products. If you do not have a good marketing strategy what use is your paid version of Google analytics, right?

3)  Rivalry: This is something interesting, there are many websites and small brands which are like a part-time income source for people. Now, you might not call them rivals, but what they do is, rather than using their own strategy, they copy whatever successful websites do.

Observing and following a strategy is pretty easy. If you see yourself surrounded by such websites or competing with brands that use the same formula as you do, change your strategy.

Points to focus on while renewing your digital marketing strategy

1)  Channelising: The one thing that lets you know you’re directionless is that you will gain profits but you don’t know how it’s happening. Now, this isn’t a miracle, your website might be gaining profits by selling things, however, the full potential might not be yet explored. Try and channelize things, see where you’re good and where you lack.

2)  Profit: Work always on increasing your profits, try to give your employees a raise. It’s not always about investing the profits in tools. Your employees should be as passionate about the work as are you.

3)  Help: If things are out of your hands, take help. In the case of digital marketing, you might outsource content creation to freelance writers, ads to digital marketers, and so on. If you are trying to expand in another country, say, China. You might need hands-on experience in the Chinese digital space. This will only be available with a China digital marketing agency in London.

In conclusion, changing and improving upon your marketing strategy is a part of digital marketing as the world wide web is changing its status every second.

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