Voice Marketing: The How-To Guide You Need to Be Competitive

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Voice-controlled devices used to be a thing of the future, something that we would watch Captain Picard use on the Enterprise to get his trademark Earl Grey tea. But voice-activated assistants are very much here as functional part of so many Americans’ lives, so ignoring them is a mistake. Talking to the experts is a great first step; a voice marketing agency (www.drumroll.com/voice-marketing-agency) can help you develop an effective voice marketing strategy. It’s already important now in today’s market, and it may prove to be even more important as the technology and industry develops even further!

A voice marketing agency can help give you a full description of the types of voice marketing, but basically, voice marketing is a set of marketing strategies and tools that are used to reach your target customer base by using voice-control to adjust marketing content and messaging. While the uses of voice-based technologies in marketing are still evolving and changing, here are some tips to watch!

Identify Your Customer and How to Reach Them

Voice marketing is very, very, good at targeting ads to their users, so your biggest initial hurdle will be to identify which demographics to target. Hiring a voice marketing agency will help you get your brand to your audience through the current best audio venues available.

Build Relationships!

Your advertising should build trust through helpful additions or substitutions. Virtual assistants and voice marketing work and exist inside your customer’s homes with the idea that they make life easier. If your customers stop feeling a connection to their assistants, they may stop using them. Consult a voice marketing agency for help on how to keep your ads passive, helpful, and non-intrusive.

Price is Much Less Important

Voice marketing is about making things easier. Asking your voice assistant to “buy toilet paper” is supposed to simply add it to your cart or order it directly from a vendor. If you have to stop and talk to your assistant to compare the dollar value of the “super value pack” versus the “ultimate value pack,” then your voice assist has kind of lost its advantage over manually checking sites. Ask your voice marketing agency how to take advantage of this aspect to push your brand.

Know Your Product’s Place in a Convenience Market

In a market that is primarily based on making your basic daily life better, voice-assisted sales and marketing will largely benefit consumables and small purchases. Consumers are much more likely to ask their voice assistant to help them purchase paper towels than to purchase a new cordless drill. Data is available to examine consumer habits and take advantage of markets as they grow or change, and it’s part of your voice marketing agency’s job to monitor these market conditions.

When and How to Take the Most Advantage of Voice Marketing

Always keep in mind the potential that voice marketing has for your brand and when it might be most successful in communicating with your customers. This means taking into account local social, political, and consumer trends. Voice marketing agencies will know how to pull all of this data together into an advertising strategy.

Take Risks

Obviously, risk-taking is best used in moderation, but in an advertising market that changes as often as voice marketing, you’ll be well served to keep an eye on trends and try to get in on the ground floor of emerging trends. Don’t over invest, but be willing to be flexible and try new things to keep up with a changing market. Don’t be afraid to be on the vanguard, but don’t put all your eggs in one basket either. Moderation is the key. Once again, a voice marketing agency would be able to provide credible and profitable insights to these risks.

Voice Engine Optimization (VEOs)

Industries that have a problem with brand visibility, whether it’s to do with cost of purchases or particularly tough competitors, would do well to look into Voice Engine Optimization. VEOs target slightly larger phrases rather than specific key words in an effort to pull recommendations towards specific products, and this can be an incredibly effective part of your strategy.

Trust the professionals and hire a voice marketing agency. They keep their finger on the pulse of the marketing of your industry so that you don’t have to.

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