Seven Mortgage Direct Mail Marketing Tips to Boost Response Rates

Just think how you will respond to all the promotional emails left unread in your inbox. In most cases they would be deleted with a single click especially when most email services are segregating such promotional stuff and putting them in one place. Now consider how you will react to the direct mailed brochures delivered by the postman to your doorstep. At least there is a better chance that you would look at the big prints before dumping them in the trash bin.  Sometimes this apparent look can take further interest and can let you consider giving a call to the advertiser. Almost all evidences strongly indicate that direct mail enjoys a far greater chance than other mailing methods.

As far as direct mail for mortgage is considered, it is one of the trusted methods to generate quick leads. Obviously there are few practices you need to stick to. First of all, a well-researched mailing list is the starting point and then your mails should have an attractive design and lastly you must guide your prospects regarding the next thing to do with a clear call to action.

According to the latest response report rate published by the Direct Marketing Association the following positive impacts are observed.

•  According to the report in every 1000 mailing prospects receiving a Direct Mail around 34 people are likely make a response.

•  In conversion rate Direct Mail is the second most effective marketing behind only Telemarketing.

•  Offering the right mix of mailing contents and designs such as postcards, catalogues and larger size mail the response rate has been observed as even greater.

Let us find out seven mortgage direct mail marketing tips for garnering a better response rate.

1. Bring some variety with postcards and letters

Whether postcards would serve your mortgage direct mail campaign or a letter would do all the tricks it depends on the content, type of campaign, marketing focus and situations. Obviously, you cannot stick to a single solution for all situations. By experimenting with different direct mail formats like the postcards and the letters you can assess what actually brings you more results.

Direct mail postcards are less expensive, simple and ideal for addressing the immediate marketing needs. With space constraints they also take least time to write. The best benefit of direct mail postcards is obviously the immediate visibility as soon as it is pulled from the mailbox. On the other hand, there are few disadvantages as well. For instance, with a postcard campaign you cannot let the receiver know about your product and brand elaborately.

If your marketing campaign demands including a lot of information to make an impression on the mail recipient and generate conversion then letters are perfect choice.  Letters are always informative mailing tool that can be effective for potential prospects.

2. Clearly state the benefits in a simple and effective message

After all, simplicity is eye grabbing and resides in the forefront of the mind longer. A simple message will let the mail recipient understand the message just at a glance and just with a glance your mailing purpose is fulfilled.  Nobody has time to struggle comprehending a marketing statement and so make it simple, short, crisp and direct.

3. Give them a clear call to action for next step

In mortgage direct mail marketing the mailed postcard or letter must contain something that suggests people as what to do next. Whether you want the recipients calling the marketer’s office for a detailed explanation or they like to download a brochure from your website, you should give them suggestive call to action for the next step. Without taking them to the next step you have little chance of conversion.

4. Do not offer a guarantee of Approval

It is already a well-known regulation that mortgage plea cannot be guaranteed by any marketer. Every mortgage case is subjected to an underwriting process and without the completion of this the approval remains uncertain. Offering such a guarantee through a marketing campaign is a breach of regulations that can take you amid legal problems.  So, just stay clear of assuring such approval to your direct mail prospects.

5. Take the recipients to the respective website page

Direct mail campaign, especially when you are using postcards does not give you a lot of space to tell your customers and prospects all the relevant things. So, it is always recommended to use the direct mail campaign just to draw the initial attention and then guide them to a relevant website page where they can get the details. Do not just provide them a home page link as they may find it difficult to find their required page of information. Rather mention the exact URL of the respective webpage.

6. Make an impressive first direct mail and follow it with subsequent mails

As per the convention in direct mail campaigns the first direct mail received by the customer is referred as “control” which is followed by subsequent mails. You can consider this first mail piece as baseline. The response rate and revenue generated from this first campaign is measured and with the following campaigns the marketers try to cross this figure. To determine what works best for a campaign one can change an element in the subsequent campaign and measure against the first campaign. This is the most valid and tried method of leveraging series of campaigns and measuring the ROI of each campaign separately.

7. Focus on experienced marketers for a mortgage direct mail service

Finally, it is the years of experience of the direct mail marketing company that counts. Particularly direct mail marketers with relevant exposure and long years of experience in mortgage direct mail solutions can guide you with insights, studies and expertise driven knowledge of the field. So, for your mortgage direct mail campaign select a firm that has years of successful presence in the field with an array of satisfied clients.

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