Baidu Advertising – Why Should You Invest on it?

With over 76% of the Chinese search market share, Baidu is the most popular search engine platform in China. It allows businesses to connect with billions of people and allows advertisers to reach millions of potential customers. Here are some reasons why it makes sense to invest in Baidu Advertising.

Important Facts About Baidu

Baidu is one of the world’s popular search engine platforms since 2000. Here are some interesting facts about Baidu.

  • 665 million active users
  • 44.5% of the mobile market search share
  • 70 million active mobile users
  • 161 million daily active users(Baidu app)

The sheer volume of impressions that your marketing campaign might get on Baidu is the most exciting thing for advertisers. As a platform, Baidu provides more advertising options like paid search with display ads and in-feed ads.

Baidu has a relatively matured structure in comparison to other search engines with more open resources and better customer support.

What Is Baidu PPC?

Baidu Pay-Per-Click is a paid advertising and online marketing solution for enterprises. Businesses can create ads with relevant keywords that will help reach the target audience. When people use targeted keywords to search for product and services, your company’s ads will appear prominently on the search engine results page. The result is there is a high probability of your ads being clicked by potential customers.

Here are some advantages of investing in Baidu advertising like PPC promotion.

Advantages of Baidu PPC Promotion

Great Visibility

Baidu has the highest penetration rate in China and it receives billions of search queries every day. In simple words, your business enjoys great visibility through Baidu PPC promotion.

Accurate Targeting of Potential Customers

Through the use of right keywords, Baidu PPC promotion allows businesses to lock the needs of the customers. The Baidu PPC promotion offers you granular control over your advertising by allowing you to select region and time which gives more flexibility and makes targeting more accurate.

Baidu PPC promotions allow enterprises to register targeted product keywords (specific names of products and services) so that their product page arrives at a higher position (on SERP) for corresponding search results. This helps the potential customer to reach the product directly, get more information and makes the transaction easier.

Pay By Click Effect

The Baidu promotion feature provides enterprises Pay-by-Click to bring potential customers. The Baidu PPC promotion offers costs statistics report to businesses that make the investment very clear.

In Baidu PPC, your business is only charged if there is a valid click on your ad. You do not pay anything for impressions. Businesses can easily control the investment and promotion in accordance with their needs. This ensures the network extension in the form of Baidu advertising will get the highest returns.

Flexible and Controllable Promotion

The Baidu promotional plan can be customized as per demand for promotion. For example, businesses can set up location and time for their ads to appear. They can also set daily or weekly promotion schedule and set a budget cap (weekly/daily) on the promotional campaign on the basis of cost line and advertising budget management.

The management background of Baidu provides you keywords daily search volume analysis known as Baidu index. You can also get keyword recommendation that includes recommended appropriate keywords, tips to improve conversion rate and reduce advertising costs.

Paid-For Brand Protection

In advertising, there are potential scenarios where other businesses might copy your ad or use the same brand names in their ad. In some cases, competitors may procure false clicks on your ads to exhaust your advertising budget.

Baidu offers several levels of paid for brand protection. When you use this paid service, competitors are not able to bid for your brand keywords.

Baidu- Brand Zone

Baidu Brand Zone allows big brands to make good impressions in search results. It is a paid service that allows enterprises to dominate search results page with information about your brand.

Baidu Brand Zone can improve the performance of brand advertising and offers a staggeringly high conversion rate. The average click-through rate is anywhere between 50% to 80%. According to China Internet Watch survey, Baidu Brand Zone provides 78% increase in purchase intent.

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